About Connections

DropStream connects eCommerce merchants, stores, and third-party warehouses to an automated order-fulfillment workflow.

DropStream - Workflow

This workflow is modeled in DropStream by means of Connections - relationships between stores, merchants and warehouses. 

Each Connection corresponds to a unique combination of a store, a merchant and a warehouse. To add a new store, merchant or warehouse, or to link an existing store, merchant and warehouse together into a new workflow, you need to create a new Connection.

Connections can be created and viewed on the Connections page:

DropStream - Connections page

To create a new Connection, click +Add connection  in the top right corner of the screen. This will launch Connection Wizard, which will guide you the through the workflow setup process. 

DropStream - Create a Connection

To learn more about how to create connections, see Adding a Connection.

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