Add a Connection

To create a new Connection:

1. Go to the Connections dashboard.
2. Click +Add Connection.


3. Name your Connection and click Continue.


4. Select an existing Merchant from your account using the dropdown menu or create a new Merchant by naming the new Merchant and click Continue.


5. If you are creating a new Merchant, enter the Merchant credentials in the Warehouse setup and click Continue. If you are using an existing merchant, select the Default warehouse and click Continue.


6. Create a new Store by:
        a. Naming the new Store.
        b. Selecting the platform you'll be connecting to.
        c. Entering the credentials for the selected platform.
                i. Visit the Support Center to find information regarding how to gather the credentials  needed for your selected sales platform.


7. Click Add Connection to complete the setup. You'll be directed to the Connection dashboard for your new Connection.
For more information about creating a new connection, see our Quickstart.
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