Getting Started, Step 2: Connect a Store, Merchant and Warehouse

Step 2: Connect a store, merchant and warehouse

DropStream connects eCommerce merchants, stores, and third-party warehouses to automate order fulfillment.

DropStream - Workflow

Follow these steps to connect a new Store, a Merchant and a Warehouse in your DropStream workflow.

  1. In your DropStream Dashboard, click Connections.

DropStream - Connections.png

  1. In the upper-right of the Connections view, click Add connection.

DropStream - Add a connection

  1. The Connection Wizard opens to guide you through the connection setup. Under Basic Information, enter a name for your new Connection, and click Continue.

DropStream - Name a connection

  1. Under Merchant Information, in the Create a new merchant field, enter the Merchant name (in subsequent connections, this Merchant will be available from the Select a merchant dropdown). Click Continue.

DropStream - Name a merchant

  1. Under Warehouse Setup, configure the FTP credentials for your Warehouse. Click Test Connection to verify the credentials, or click Continue.

DropStream - Warehouse FTP

  1. Under Store Setup, in the Store Name field, enter the name of the store. In the Select a Platform dropdown, select the store's platform. DropStream supports nearly 100 eCommerce platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, etc. In this example, we've chosen Amazon (US).

DropStream - Select a platform

  1. After selecting the platform, enter its connection details. In order to do that, you will need to gather the API credentials from your eCommerce platform. Click Test Connection to verify your details. Then click Add Connection.

DropStream - Connection details

  1. The Connections view displays your new Connection. Your Store and Warehouse are now connected, with your Merchant in the middle, monitoring and controlling the connection.

DropStream - View a connection

  1. The new Connection is initially disabled. To enable it, in the upper-right of the Connections view, click Actions > Enable.

DropStream - Enable a connection

  1. Refresh the page, and you'll notice the gray Disabled indicator is now green, and Enabled.

DropStream - Connection enabled


Your connection is now active and orders will be automatically imported from the shopping carts of your Store to the warehouse management system (WMS) of your Merchant. This will happen every 15 minutes.

Likewise, the warehouse inventory information will be pulled from the WMS and sent to the carts of your eCommerce system. This will happen every 60 minutes. Order tracking information will be sent to the carts every four (4) hours.

You can add as many different stores for your Merchant as you like, by repeating the process described above.

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