Getting Started, Step 3: Customize your Fulfillment Flow

The connection between a Store, a Merchant and a Warehouse can be customized to streamline your order fulfillment workflow. For example, you can direct that all orders labeled "Free Shipping" at your store be shipped by "USPS - Priority Mail" at your warehouse.

Workflow customizations in DropStream are implemented by order rules. Order rules are optional, except for the Shipping Transformer rule, which must be defined before DropStream can automate order fulfillment. This is so, because different warehouses use different shipment codes ("carrier codes"), and DropStream needs to know which codes your warehouse uses.

The Shipping Transformer order rule maps the shipping methods used by your eCommerce platform to the carrier codes used by your warehouse management system (WMS). When the WMS receives the order, the warehouse will know exactly how to ship the package.

Add a Shipping Transformer Rule to your Store

  1. In the left pane of your DropStream Dashboard, click Stores.
    On the right, click your Store name.

DropStream - Choose a store

  1. Click the Rules tab.

DropStream - Rule tab

  1. Click +Add rule.

DropStream - Add a rule

  1. In the Name field, enter a descriptive name for your rule. Then, click +Add Action.

DropStream - Add a rule action

  1. In the Select action to perform dropdown menu, choose Shipping Transformer.

DropStream - Rule action type

Next, configure the rule condition ("if this is true"), which defines the requirements for the rule action ("then do that").

  1. In the IF clause, enter the shipping description from your Store.

DropStream - Shipping description

Note: The text of the shipping description must exactly match the way it appears in your Store.

  1. In the THEN clause, click EDIT.

DropStream - THEN clause

  1. In the SHIP VIA dropdown, select the warehouse shipping method to use for orders that match your shipping description. Click OK.

DropStream - Ship via

Tip: After you have incoming orders in DropStream, you can gather shipping descriptions from existing orders. In the DropStream Dashboard, click Orders, then click any order to view its details, including its shipping description.

  1. To finalize the rule, click Save changes.

DropStream - Save a rule

Note: The Shipping Transformer is the only required order rule. However, using the DropStream Rules Engine, you can create a variety of custom rules to tailor your fulfillment workflows as needed. To add new rules at any time, from the DropStream Dashboard click Stores > Store Name > Rules. For more information, see About Order Rules in the DropStream Help Center.

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