Getting Started with DropStream

Welcome to DropStream! This Quick-start guide will help you to set up your DropStream account and to connect your store, merchant and warehouse for seamless order management.

Step 1: Configure your account

First, take a moment to review the configuration of your DropStream account.

Open your DropStream Dashboard. Click Your Account Name in the upper-right corner of the Dashboard, then choose Account settings.

DropStream account settings

Your account settings are organized in tabs where you can configure, update, or cancel your account.

  1. Alert Settings - Configure notifications.
  2. Profile - Set the display name of the account.
  3. Staff accounts - Add and delete users, configure their roles (Administrator, Staff User, Merchant) and permissions.
  4. Warehouse Management System - Configure your default warehouse platform and carrier codes, used to create mappings from an eCommerce store's shipping methods to your WMS carrier codes. Contact the DropStream Support Team if you'd like assistance, or information about further settings.
  5. Plan and Billing - Update your billing information, including payment method and contact information.
  6. Cancel - Close your DropStream account, cancelling your subscription and permanently deleting your data.

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