QuickBooks Online - Configure Fulfillment Field

To facilitate importing sales forms, follow these steps to configure a custom field in QuickBooks Online called Fulfillment. This field will be used by the integration to determine which forms to import.

Configure custom "Fulfillment" field in QBO

  1. Log in to QuickBooks Online.
  2. In the upper-right of the dashboard, click the Settings gear icon , then click Account and settings.


  1. In Account and settings, On the left, click Sales.
  2. In the Sales form content section, click the Edit pencil icon .


  1. Enable Shipping (toggle on/green), then click Save.


  1. In the Sales form content section, click the Edit pencil icon again.


  1. Under Custom Fields, click the Custom fields link.


  1. In Custom Fields, click Add custom field (or Add field if you have other custom fields already).
  2. In Add Custom Field, for the field Name, enter Fulfillment.
  3. Check the box to apply this field to All sales forms.

Note: If you are using QuickBooks Online Advanced, make sure that the Fulfillments field is specifically applied to Invoices.

  1. Click Save.


When these steps are complete, the editable Fulfillment field will be available on your QuickBooks invoices.

Fulfillment field on QBO invoice

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