Edit Shipment Schedule

When a package is shipped, DropStream sends the tracking numbers to the online shopping cart. This also closes the order and notifies the shopper that their package is on the way.

By default, order tracking information is sent to the carts every four (4) hours. To change that interval, you will need to edit Shipment schedule:

  1. Go to Connections and click on the name of your connection.

    DropStream - Connections

  2. Go to the Shipments tab.

    DropStream - Shipments

  3. On the Control Panel, click Actions Edit schedule. You should also Enable order status import  if you already have not.

    DropStream - Shipment actions

  4. Change the existing Shipment schedule by editing the hourly interval.

    DropStream - Shipment schedule

  5. Alternatively, you can change the hourly interval to a minute-interval, or import shipments every day at a fixed time.

    DropStream - Shipment schedule

  6. When you are done, click  Save changes. 
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