ClickBank - Configure for Automated Fulfillment


This article outlines the steps required for configuring your ClickBank integration.

Configure shipping methods

As part of the third-party fulfillment setup, a mapping must be created from each available shipping method option to a unique shipping code used by the fulfillment center.

Configure Shipping Methods for ClickBank.

Gather API credentials

To enable API access, you must gather your Developer Key and Clerk API Key from ClickBank.

Gather API credentials from ClickBank.

Enable API access

The API (Application Programming Interface) allows for automated communication between connected systems. Before automated fulfillment can begin, API access must be enabled.

Enable API access in DropStream.

Create Shipping Transformer Rule

The Shipping Transformer Rule maps the shipping descriptions in ClickBank to the shipping methods available at your fulfillment provider.

Create Shipping Transformer Rule in DropStream.

Review order status

Orders imported from ClickBank may have the status New, Error, Open, or Closed.

Review order status for ClickBank.

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