ClickBank - Review Order Status

When you set the connection to Enabled, DropStream begins the process of importing orders from ClickBank.

Order status

  • New - Indicates that the order has been imported, and is waiting to be processed and pushed to the warehouse.
  • Error - Indicates that the order processing has failed (typically due to SKU mismatch, or if no default shipping method has been defined).
  • Open - The order is ready to be shipped, and pending shipment by the fulfillment center.
  • Closed - The order has been shipped, and the ship notification has been generated successfully in ClickBank.


If an order is Cancelled or Refunded, and if the ship notification is not yet generated in ClickBank, this order should be manually canceled.

If the order is returned back to the warehouse, you should contact your customer to let them know about the return status so the order can be refunded accordingly in ClickBank.

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