ClickBank - Configure Shipping Methods

As part of the third-party fulfillment setup, the shipping methods offered in the eCommerce system must be mapped to the corresponding shipping codes used by the fulfillment center.

Configure default shipping methods in DropStream

The default shipping method must be set for all ClickBank shipping orders. This is accomplished by creating a Shipping Transformer Rule in DropStream.

  1. In your DropStream Dashboard, click Stores.

  1. Click the name of your ClickBank store.
  2. Click the Rules tab.


  1. Click Add a Rule.


  1. For the rule Name, enter a name such as "My Shipping Transformer." Click +Add Action.


  1. For Select action to perform, select Shipping Transformer.


  1. For IF, set the following:
  • Choose: Compare order attribute
  • Choose: Shipping Description
  • Choose: starts_with
  • Enter the shipping description, exactly as it appears in ClickBank


  1. Click OK.


  1. For THEN, verify that the SHIP VIA value matches the shipping method for this description. If not, click EDIT, choose the correct shipping method, and click OK.


  1. Click Save changes.


Repeat these steps for each shipping description, mapping each to its corresponding shipping method.

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