Wayfair - Validate Application

Wayfair requires that the supplier take the following steps to validate DropStream as a production application for the account.

Follow these steps to validate DropStream for the supplier's Wayfair account.

Order Management Testing

Grant your account access to Wayfair’s API tools

  1. Go to User Management at https://partners.wayfair.com/users.
  2. In the box for your account, click the Edit ( ) icon.


  1. Under Access Permissions, make sure the "API" box is checked.


  1. Click Save.


Testing with Sandbox Application

  1. Go to Application Management at: https://partners.wayfair.com/developer/applications
  2. If you already created applications during an earlier integration, you can use your existing Sandbox application for testing. Provide DropStream with the Client ID and Client Secret.




If you do not have applications from an earlier integration, create one (1) Sandbox Application for testing and one (1) Production Application for live operations using “+ New Application.” Provide DropStream with the Client ID and Client Secret for both applications.





  1. Input Sandbox Client ID and Client Secret into DropStream software settings and complete testing.

Go Live with Production Application

  1. When DropStream informs you that testing is complete, go to Wayfair's Integration Status Page: https://partners.wayfair.com/d/supplier-integration-status
  2. Grant your Production Application permission to go live for all APIs with a “Ready for Production” status by clicking “View/Update.”


  1. Find your Production Application and click “Yes” under “Live in Production


Order Management integration is now complete.

Inventory Testing

  1. Submit a ticket to Wayfair at: https://partners.wayfair.com/v/submit_ticket/index

Enter the following information in the ticket:

  • Submit a Ticket for:
    "Inventory & EDI"
  • Ticket Type:
    "Set Up an Inventory Feed or EDI Connection with Wayfair"
  • Tech Contact Name:
    "Third Party Onboarding Representative"
  • Tech Contact Email:
    "Third Party Onboarding Representative"
  • What Would You Like To Set Up? (check all that apply):
    "API Integration"
  • Any Additional Comments?:
    Order Management"


  1. In DropStream, initiate a test inventory update to Wayfair containing your full product line for all of your warehouse locations.
  2. When inventory testing in DropStream is complete, go to your Ticket Inbox at: https://partners.wayfair.com/app/tickets#supplier_tickets

Your ticket is “Business Related Tickets” in the “Inventory & EDI” section. Update your ticket with “Inventory testing is complete.”


  1. Wayfair will update your ticket once permission to go live with API Inventory has been granted. You can then switch your inventory live.

Inventory integration is now complete.

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