Acumatica - Configure App Marketplace

If this is the first time you're configuring Acumatica connections for your DropStream account, the first step is to configure Acumatica in your DropStream App Marketplace.

Configure Application in Acumatica

  1. In a web browser, go to your Acumatica ERP instance (for example,
  2. At the login screen, Specify the Tenant, and enter a valid Username and Password for that Tenant. Click Sign In.

Acumatica login

  1. In the Acumatica main dashboard, go to More Items > Integration.

In Acumatica, click More Items, Integration

  1. Click Show All. Under Preferences, click Connected Applications.

In Acumatica, click Show All.

In Acumatica, click Connected Applications

  1. Click + to add a new record.


  1. Enter a Client Name of your choice, such as DropStream.
  2. For OAuth 2.0 Flow, select Authorization Code.

In Acumatica, enter a Client Name. For_OAuth Flow, select Authorization Code.

  1. Click Redirect URIs, then click + to add a new URI.

In Acumatica, click Redirect URIs, then click + to create a new URI

  1. Enter the URI

For the Redirect URI, enter

  1. Click Secrets, then click Add Shared Secret.

In Acumatica, click Secrets, then click Add Shared Secret.

  1. In the Add Shared Secret window, enter a Description, such as DropStream.
  2. Take note of the Value. (This information cannot be retrieved later, so make sure to copy it exactly.)
  3. Click OK.

In the Add Shared Secret window, enter a Description. Take note of the secret Value. Click OK.

  1. Click the Disk Icon to save this application configuration.
  2. Take note of the Client ID.


Configure App Marketplace in DropStream

  1. In DropStream, click your Account Name in the upper-right, and select Account Settings.

In DropStream, click your Account Name, then click Account Settings.

  1. Click the App Market Places tab, then click Add App Market Place.


  1. In the App Market Place window, enter a descriptive Name, such as Acumatica. For the Platform, choose Acumatica.

In DropStream, enter a name for the App, and select Acumatica as the platform.

  1. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret that you generated in the steps above.
  2. For Acumatica instance subdomain, enter the subdomain of your Acumatica instance. For example, if your instance is installed at the domain, enter myerp.

In DropStream, enter the Acumatica app Client ID, Client Secret, and Instasnce Subdomain.

  1. Click Save.

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