Magento - Include Tracking Numbers In Shipment Emails

Note: This is a legacy document for Magento 1.x. For Magento 2, please refer to:

Magento 2 Integration Guide

Sending tracking numbers back to Magento via the API is a two-step process. First, a shipment is created for an order. Then, tracking numbers are added to the newly created shipment.

Why is it a two-step process?

By default, Magento sends an email notification to the customer after the shipment is created, but before the tracking numbers have been added. As a result, the customer receives an email notification that does not include a tracking number.

However, your DropStream Integration can be configured to provide the tracking numbers to Magento, so they are included in shipment emails.

Create a Magento email template for shipment updates

First, create a new email template:

  1. In the Magento administration panel, click System > Templates > Transactional Emails.
  2. Click Add New Template.
  3. Under Load default template, select New Shipment from the Template list, then click Load Template.
  4. Under Template Information, in the Template Name box, give the template a unique name. For example, "Shipment Update With Tracking Number."
  5. Click Save Template.

Create a new template, load the New Shipment template, give the template a name, and click Save Template.

Repeat the above steps

Next, repeat Steps 1-5 with the template name "New Shipment for Guest."

Swap email templates

Then, follow these steps to swap email templates.

  1. In the Magento administration panel, click System > Configuration.
  2. Under Sales, click Sales Emails.
  3. Expand Shipment Email configuration. then set Enabled to No.
  4. Expand Shipment Comments Email configuration, then set Enabled to Yes.
  5. Set Shipment Comment Email Template to the Template Name previously created.
  6. Set Shipment Comment Email Template for Guest to the Template Name previously created.

Configure the template, and click Save Config.

  1. Click Save Config.

When tracking numbers are pushed to your Magento store, the customer will receive one shipment notification that contains all tracking numbers.

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