Magento - Configure Bundled or Separate Line Items

Note: This is a legacy document for Magento 1.x. For Magento 2, please refer to:

Magento 2 Integration Guide

Magento provides the option to bundle multiple products together. DropStream honors this setting when displaying your orders.

In Magento, the two options for bundling products are:

  • Bundle all items together as a single item.
  • Bundle items separately as individual line items.

View and edit bundled products in Magento

  1. In your Magento Admin Panel, click Products.
  2. Click Catalog.

In Magento Admin, click Products, Catalog.

  1. Locate the bundled product. In the Action column, click Edit.

In the product's Action column, click Edit.

  1. In the Ship Bundled Items menu, you can preview how your product will be listed in the order:

    Separately - the items in the bundled product will be listed separately as individual line items.

    Together - the items in the bundled product will be listed as a single line item.

Ship Bundled Items menu

  1. Click Save.

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