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July 2023: These instructions have been updated for Shopify App Store installation.

If you have not yet gathered your API credentials, follow these steps first:

To set up a Shopify store in a new DropStream connection:

  1. In DropStream: First, Create a new connection, entering the Shopify Shop Name.
  2. In Shopify: As the Shopify Store Admin, install the DropStream app from the Shopify app store.
  3. In DropStream: Finish configuring the store by choosing the store's Fulfillment Location, and other options as applicable.

Create a new Connection

  1. In the sidebar, click Connections. In the upper-right, click + Add Connection.


  1. In the Connection Wizard - Basic Information, enter a name for the connection. For example, "Merchant name - Shopify". Click Continue.

Enter a connection name

  1. Under Merchant Information, you can select an existing Merchant, if this merchant was already configured for another connection. Otherwise, enter the merchant's organization name in the "Create a new Merchant" box, and click Continue.

Select an existing merchant, or enter a name to create a new one

  1. Under Warehouse Setup:
  • If you're creating a new merchant: Enter the WMS credentials and options for this merchant, and click Continue.
  • Or, if you selected an existing merchant: Select the warehouse for this merchant, and click Continue. (If you're not sure, choose the default warehouse.)

Enter WMS credentials if creating a new merchant. Or, select a warehouse for an existing merchant (choose 'default' if you're not sure).

  1. Under Store Setup, in the "Store Name" field, enter the name of this store, as it would be seen by a customer. For example, "Fresh Goods".
  2. In the "Select a Platform" drop-down menu, select Shopify.

Enter a store name, and select 'Shopify' as the platform.

  1. In Connection Details, in the "Shop Name" field, enter the Primary Store Domain: the subdomain of the store's web URL, as seen in the upper-left of the Store Settings in Shopify.

    For example, if the full domain is, enter my-store for the Shop Name in DropStream.

Enter the Shopify store's subdomain as the Shop Name.

  1. Click Add connection.

Click Add Connection.

Install DropStream app from Shopify app store

Note: The steps in this section should be performed by the Shopify Store Owner, or a user with full administrator access to the store.

  1. While logged in to Shopify as a Store Admin, go to, and click Add app.

In Shopify, as the Store Admin, add the DropStream app.

  1. Click Install app to authorize the store connection.

Click Install app.

  1. DropStream shows Success when the store has been authorized.

DropStream reports Success when authorization is complete.

Note: If DropStream shows Error at this step:

  • In DropStream, click Stores, then the Store Name.
  • Confirm that the "Shop Name" exactly matches the store subdomain as shown in Shopify settings.
  • If not, edit the Shop Name, click Save Changes, then repeat steps 9 and 10 above.

If you still receive an error, email for assistance.

Finish configuring the store in DropStream

  1. In DropStream, click Stores, then click the Shopify store name to view settings.
  2. In the Fulfillment Location drop-down, select the Location that will fulfill orders for this store.
  3. Review the options for this store, and make changes if applicable:
  • Return Magic API Key — Required if using Return Magic for returns flow
  • Fulfillment Service - Either All (default), or a Fulfillment Service configured in Shopify: either "Manual," or a fulfillment service defined in Shopify under Settings > Shipping and Delivery > Custom order fulfillment.

    If an order contains SKUs that are not assigned to the specified fulfillment service in Shopify, those lines will be filtered from the order.

    If set to All, then all line items are imported, regardless of their fulfillment service.
  • Filter orders by location — If enabled, the integration will only import orders assigned to the Fulfillment Location.
  • Exclude empty orders — Reject orders with no eligible line items.
  • Use local currency — Import monetary values in the buyer's local currency.
  • Notify customer — If enabled, Shopify will notify the buyer after the order has shipped. (default: enabled)
  • Include Duplicate SKUs — When syncing available inventory, update all products with the same SKU. (By default, the integration will not attempt to update inventory for more than one match for a given SKU.)
  • Include Partial Fulfillments — If an order contains a gift card or another virtual product, the fulfillment status is Partial. By default, DropStream imports orders with fulfillment status Not Fulfilled. If this option is enabled, orders with Partial fulfillment status are also imported.
  • Financial Status Import Options — Specify the financial status for orders to import, one or more of the following:
  • Paid (default)
  • Pending
  • Authorized
  • Partially Paid
  • Partially Refunded
  • Refunded
  • Voided
  • Accept orders after — Only orders created after this date and time will be imported by DropStream. (Defaults to 5 days before date the store is first created; maximum lookback 60 days ago)
  1. Click Save changes.



DropStream app is installed, but Fulfillment Location is not selected

If you don't select a Fulfillment Location for the store, shipment notifications will fail with error: Location Id can't be blank.

If you see this error, check the store settings. If the Fulfillment Location is "Undefined", make sure to select the correct Fulfillment Location, and Save changes.

If no locations are shown, you may need to perform authorization again. To do so, follow these steps.

  1. In Shopify Settings > Apps and Sales Channels, highlight the DropStream app, and Uninstall it.
  2. Go to and Install the app again.
  3. Verify that DropStream reports "Success".
  4. In DropStream, go to the Store settings (or refresh the page if already open), verify that the Fulfillment Locations are now shown in the menu, and select the location for this connection.

If the Fulfillment Location is still "Undefined", email our support team at, describing the steps you've taken so far, and the name of the store you're trying to set up.

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