Shopify - Troubleshooting Inventory Errors

When DropStream exports a shipment, Shopify verifies that the inventory is stocked at the specified Fulfillment Location. If the inventory is not at that location, order processing fails in DropStream with an error.

To view order errors, in your DropStream Dashboard click Orders, and click the order number. For more information, see DropStream: Search for orders.

For example, if the Fulfillment Location is set incorrectly, orders may fail with error 422: None of the items are stocked at the new location.

Error 422

If you encounter this error:

  1. Verify that your Fulfillment Service and Location are properly configured in both DropStream and Shopify.
  1. Then, Reprocess the order. (In DropStream Dashboard, click Orders, click the order number, then click Actions > Reprocess.)

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