Reprocess Orders

If an order fails, you can choose to reprocess the order, retrying the previous process step.

For example, if an order fails because a required field in the order was blank or incorrectly filled, you can manually edit the order, then reprocess it to go back and try that step again.

Reprocess Orders

  1. In your DropStream Dashboard, click Orders.

In DropStream Dashboard, click Orders.

  1. Use the Search/Filter bar to search for the order(s) you want to reprocess.

Search for the orders to be reprocessed.

Orders can be searched by text, order number, date, fulfillment status, and more.

Search for Orders in DropStream.

  1. In the search results, select the order(s) by checking the box next to the External ID (order number) of each order you want to reprocess.

Select the orders to be reprocessed.

  1. When the orders are selected, click the Reprocess button.

Click Reprocess.

The selected orders are immediately reprocessed.

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