NetSuite - Troubleshooting

"Invalid Login Attempt" error

If the Store connection receives the error "Invalid Login Attempt" from NetSuite, for example when using the Test Connection button to test connection details in the Store setup, you can refer to the Audit Log in NetSuite for more information.

  1. In NetSuite, go to Setup > Users/Roles > User Management > View Login Audit Trail.
  2. Check the Use Advanced Search box.
  3. Click the Results sub-tab.
  4. Add the following fields:
    1. Detail
    2. Token-based Access Token Name
    3. Token-based Application Name
  5. Click Submit.

In the Detail column, token-based authentication login errors are displayed with a status of Failure. You can use the detailed errors to resolve the issue, or share the details with your NetSuite implementation team and/or DropStream Support.

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