ClickFunnels - Configure for Automated Fulfillment

Click Funnels

This article outlines the steps to configure Click Funnels as an order source in DropStream.

Obtain Funnel URL

First, obtain the Funnel URL, the web address that contains the unique Funnel ID.

Obtain the Funnel URL in Click Funnels.

Enable webhook access

Then, configure your DropStream store with the Funnel URL, to enable the webhook in DropStream.

Enable Webhook access in DropStream.

Create new webhook

Create a new webhook in Click Funnels, using the Webhook URL from your DropStream store settings.

As of Oct. 1, 2022, DropStream uses a new, more secure webhook format. If you have an existing Funnel using a legacy DropStream webhook, please Archive your old webhook, and create a new one using these steps.

Create a New Webhook in your Funnel.

Create delivery attempts

Finally, create Delivery Attempts to verify that your Funnel can deliver orders to DropStream.

Create Delivery Attempts in Click Funnels.

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