Resolve Errors

Occasionally orders will fail to complete the automated fulfillment process and this will cause an Error. You will get notified that an Order has an Error. Resolving errors includes the following steps:

  1. Reviewing the Error Information
  2. Fixing the Error
  3. Resetting Order
  4. Contacting Support

Reviewing the Error Information

To review the error information:

  1. Click on the Order with the error.

  2. Review the Error information in the upper right.

    DropStream - Error 

Fixing the Error

After reviewing the Error Information, work to fix the error. Most errors are the result of typos when entering details, or missing steps in the setup process.

Search for relevant articles to help you fix the error in the DropStream Support Center.

Resetting the Order

After fixing the error, the Order must be reset to be re-processed. View this article to Reset an Order.

Contacting Support

If you are unable to resolve the error utilizing the steps above, please contact DropStream Support by submitting a support ticket. 

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