ApparelMagic - Gather API Credentials

In order to enable API access to ApparelMagic, the following credentials must be gathered:

  • Company — The company subdomain as it appears in your ApparelMagic URL, for example,
  • Token — ApparelMagic API Token
  • Warehouse — Warehouse name in ApparelMagic
  • Vendor — Inventory vendor name

Note: The Inventory Vendor Name identifies the source of goods. It must be set in order to create the Receiver.

If there are no physical goods being received, ApparelMagic recommends creating a "virtual vendor," (or "Inventory Adjustment Vendor") for the purpose of inventory adjustments.

API Token

The API token can be gathered in ApparelMagic under Settings > API > Tokens.

Find the API token in ApparelMagic

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