Synapse - Inventory Status Mapping

Because inventory statuses are customizable in Synapse, the default calculations for Available or On Hand inventory may not be sufficient for all merchants.

To calculate inventory for customized Synapse inventory statuses, use the DropStream Status Mapping UI.

Note: The Status Mapping UI is not shown until after the connection's Inventory channel sync is enabled, and the first Inventory Sync operation is run.

The Status Mapping UI provides a series of rules that are processed in order to match combinations of Synapse Inventory Status and Status. The statuses are taken from the most recent inventory data.

How the mappings work

Each row in the status map represents one mapping rule. Rules are processed top-to-bottom for each inventory record.

If an inventory record matches both of the statuses set in the two columns Inventory Status and Status, its quantity value counts toward the quantity of the Inventory Type in the third column (or is optionally ignored).

For example, this rule says "if an inventory record has Inventory Status 'Available' and Status 'Available', then add that quantity to the total for Inventory Type 'On Hand'."

Inventory Status Status Inventory Type
Available Available On Hand

The totals for the Inventory Types are then used in the final calculation, as defined by the top-level Inventory Mode:

Inventory Mode Inventory Type calculation
Available (the default) On Hand - Committed
On Hand On Hand

How to edit the mapping rules

To add a rule to the end of the list, click Append Row. To add a rule above a row, click Add Row Above at the end of the row. To delete a row, click Delete Row. To reset the rules to the default rows, click Reset To Default.

Example Status Mapping

This example SKU has an available quantity of 5 in Synapse.


It has the following component status values.


The relevant values are Quantity, Inventory Status, and Status for Inventory Class: Regular:

Quantity Inventory Status Status
10 Available ---
-5 Available Committed
5 Available PickNotShipd

These are the values DropStream receives from Synapse. The merchant would like them mapped as:

  • "Inventory status: Available with no Status (a dash) counts toward On Hand.
  • Inventory Status: Available with Status: Committed should be subtracted from On Hand when calculating Available quantity.
  • Inventory Status: Available with Status: Picked Not Shipped should not be counted as available."

In DropStream, the Status Mapping should be configured as follows:

First, set the top-level Inventory Mode to Available to calculate the final tally as Inventory Type: On Hand minus the absolute value of Inventory Type: Committed.


Then, set the following Status Mapping rows:

Inventory Status Status Inventory Type
Available - Dash (available) On Hand
Available Committed Committed
Available Picked Not Shipped Ignore

The final mapping will look like this in the Status Mapping UI:


This will tally On Hand as 10, and Committed as -5. The Available quantity will be calculated as the difference of On Hand and Committed: 10 minus the absolute value of -5. An Available quantity of 5 is reported to the sales channel for this SKU.

After adjusting the settings, click Save Changes, and the mappings will be applied on the next Inventory Sync.


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