I just deleted one of my Stores. Why is it still listed?

I tried to delete a store in my DropStream account, but it's still listed. Do I need to take any additional actions to delete the store?

After you delete a store, several background processes must complete before the store is fully deleted. During this time, the store may still be listed temporarily in the Stores View (Dashboard > Stores).

If you'd like to monitor the status of processes associated with the store deletion, you can find them in the Tasks View (Dashboard > Tasks). In the most recent entries, you'll find the scheduled tasks.

If there is any blocking issue preventing the store from being deleted, it will be reflected in the Tasks records and in the Alerts View (Dashboard > Alerts). If you have enabled Alert Notifications, you will also receive an email in the event of any issues that require your attention.

In general, if you delete a Store but it's still showing up in your Stores list, wait five or ten minutes for the required processes to complete. If it's still listed, contact DropStream support, and we'll verify if any additional action is required to completely delete the Store from your account.

Important: Remember that when you delete your Store, its associated data is completely purged from DropStream. There is no undelete; it is permanently removed, and cannot be recovered.

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