PrestaShop - Configure for Automated Fulfillment


Note: PrestaShop versions 1.7.x may introduce breaking changes to your integration. We recommend that you contact DropStream support at before upgrading PrestaShop to version 1.7 or above, to coordinate and monitor integrations before and after an upgrade.

This article outlines the steps required to configure your PrestaShop integration.

  1. Gather API credentials
  2. Enable API access
  3. Review order status
  4. Enable debugging
  5. Supported versions

Gather API credentials

The API (Application Programming Interface) provides automated communication between connected systems. In order to enable API access, the required credentials must be gathered from PrestaShop.

Gather API credentials from PrestaShop.

Enable API access

Enter the API credentials in DropStream to enable automated fulfillment.

Enable API access in DropStream.

Review Order Status

Setting the integration to Enabled initiates the process of sending orders from the eCommerce cart your warehouse management system.

Review order status for PrestaShop.

Enable debugging

To enhance debugging data should any errors occur during integration, enable debugging in PrestaShop.

Enable debugging for PrestaShop.

Supported versions

DropStream supports PrestaShop versions 1.6.x.

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