Amazon Marketplace - Gather API Credentials

To enable API access, the following credentials must be gathered:

  • API User login
  • Amazon Marketplace

API User login

You will require the login credentials of the API User.

If you have not yet selected and configured the API User, please see:

Grant API User Admin Permissions.

Amazon Marketplace

The Amazon Marketplace is the specific marketplace within your larger region.

Note: Amazon authorizes integration access per-marketplace, therefore each marketplace requires a dedicated store connection in DropStream. For example, Amazon marketplaces France ( and Spain ( would each require a dedicated store in DropStream that is billed individually. For more information, email

DropStream supports accounts registered in the following regions:

  • US (Americas)
  • EU (Europe)
  • FE (Asia & Pacific, includes Australia)

Within these regions, the following marketplaces are supported:

  • US
    • United States (.com)
    • Canada (.ca)
    • Mexico (
    • Brazil (
  • EU
    • United Kingdom (
    • Germany (.de)
    • Spain (.es)
    • France (.fr)
    • Italy (.it)
    • Netherlands (.nl)
    • India (.in)
    • Turkey (
    • Egypt
    • United Arab Emirates (.ae)
    • Saudi Arabia (.sa)
  • FE
    • Australia (
    • Japan (
    • Singapore (.sg)

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