UltraCart - Configure SKUs

Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) are merchant-defined codes that uniquely identify products in a warehouse. It is critical that the SKUs defined in UltraCart exactly match the SKUs loaded into your warehouse management system.

Configure SKUs for inventory tracking

  1. In UltraCart, click Item Management > Items.
  2. Click an Item.
  3. Click the Shipping tab.
  4. Scroll down to Inventory Control and Distribution.
  5. Ensure that Track Inventory is selected. This enables DropStream to track inventory levels in UltraCart.

Check Track Inventory and Handles Product

  1. Ensure there is a checkmark for Handles Product for the distribution center that you would like to handle the item. This will enable DropStream to update inventory levels for the Quantity in Stock value.
  2. Under Inventory Control and Distribution, retain the displayed SKU.

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