Deposco - Use Webhooks for Shipments

As an alternative to importing shipment notifications from Deposco API on a schedule, you may enable shipment import by webhook. If enabled, when an order ships, Deposco will post notification immediately to the webhook URL.

Importantly, these webhook shipment notification payloads are more robust than traditional shipment notifications received via Deposco API. They include additional information about the relationship between bundle/kit SKUs and their components.

Note: Shipment webhooks can only be configured for existing Deposco merchants. If you are creating a new Deposco merchant, save its other options first to create the merchant, then edit the merchant configuration and enable shipment webhooks.

Enable Shipment Webhooks

  1. In the DropStream sidebar, click Merchants, then click the Merchant name.
  2. Check the box Use webhooks for shipments.
  3. Leave "Webhook Shared Secret" blank.

Note: Shared Secret encryption is pending development in collaboration with Deposco.

  1. Copy the Deposco URL. This is the webhook URL to be configured in Deposco.
  2. Click Save Changes.
  3. In Deposco, configure the webhook URL.

Adjust shipment schedule

Shipment Webhooks replaces the default scheduled API shipment imports, so the connection's shipment sync schedule in DropStream should be reduced or disabled.

We recommend setting the shipment sync to occur once a day, during off hours. This will function as a backup/fallback sync, to ensure completeness of the webhook imports.

  1. In the sidebar, click Connections, then click the merchant's Connection name.
  2. Click the Shipments tab.
  3. If shipment sync is not yet enabled, in the Control Panel, click Actions > Enable order status import.
  4. In the Control Panel, click Actions > Edit Schedule.
  5. Click Delete next to any existing schedules.
  6. Click Add Schedule > Every day.
  7. Choose an off-hours time such as 12:00 am.
  8. Click Save Changes.

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