Deposco - Configure for Automated Fulfillment


This article outlines the steps required to configure your Deposco integration.

Gather API credentials

To begin, gather the credentials required to connect to Deposco.

Gather API credentials from Deposco.

Enable API access

Then, configure your merchant in DropStream to connect to the Deposco API.

Enable API access in DropStream.

Use Webhooks for Shipments

As an alternative to scheduled shipment notification sybc via Deposco API, you can configure shipment notifications to be received via webhook. These shipment notification payloads are received as soon as an order ships, and contain additional information about bundle/kit components. If shipment webhooks are enabled, the connection's Deposco API shipment sync schedule should be reduced or disabled.

Enable the Shipment Webhooks feature in DropStream and Deposco.

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