Magaya - Gather API Credentials

To connect to the Magaya API, the Magaya user must gather the following API credentials:

  • API Username — A user configured in Magaya specifically for providing API access. This must be different than the regular Magaya user account name. For instructions about how to create the API Username, see below.
  • API Password — the API user account password. This must be different than the regular Magaya account password. For instructions about how to set the API Password, see below.
  • Magaya URL — the Magaya URL, provided by a Magaya representative after you've created the API Username and API Password.
    • For Magaya Cloud, the URL will look similar to:, where 12345 is your System ID. (Note that the protocol is https.)
    • For Magaya On-Premises, the URL is a combination of your Network Interface and Port Number, as viewed in the "Connection" section of your Magaya Connection Suite. For example, if your Network Interface is at IP address 123.456.789.012 on port 1234, the URL would be http://123.456.789.012:1234 (note that the protocol in this case is http).

      Magaya Connection Suite - Connection settings
    • In either case, make sure to verify your Magaya URL with your Magaya representative before entering it into DropStream.
  • Customer — the Magaya Customer for this integration.

IMPORTANT: The Magaya API Username and API Password must be created by the Magaya user in Magaya, specifically for the purpose of an API connection. For security purposes, it's critical that this username and password are not the same as the regular Magaya account login.

To create the API Username and API Password, follow the instructions below.

Create API Username and API Password, and gather URL

To create the API Username and API Password, and gather the URL, follow these steps:

  1. In Magaya Explorer, open the "Maintenance" folder and select "Employees".
  2. Click the “Add” button. In the dialog box that opens, in the "General" tab, enter an employee Name. This is the API Username.
  3. Select the “User” tab, enter a Password, and check “Allow Magaya API Access”. This is the API Password.
  4. Click "OK".
  5. Next, email a Magaya representative to request the Magaya URL. In the email, make sure to provide the five-digit Client Network ID (NID), located in the upper-right of the Magaya UI, to verify the Magaya instance being connected.


If you're integrating with a Magaya On-Premises installation: Or, if you are integrating with Magaya Cloud, proceed to the following step:

Request on-prem API account setup from Magaya.

Enable API access in DropStream.

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