How do I add other users to my DropStream account?

We have several staff members and partners that we'd like to have access to our DropStream account. How can we grant them access?

Your primary DropStream account has the Administrator role. To provide others with access to your DropStream data, you can create Staff or Merchant user accounts, or create additional Administrators.

DropStream Account types

  • Administrator — Full access to DropStream, including all account functions documented in the DropStream Help Center.
  • Staff User — An internal staff member, typically an account manager for your Merchant customers. This user has full access to DropStream, with the exception of Account Settings. Optionally, this user's access can be restricted only to a set of specified Merchants, and their connected sales channels (Stores).
  • Merchant — An external staff member, typically an employee of your merchant customer, that can log in to DropStream to review order details specific to their merchant account and associated sales channels.

Add a user to your DropStream account

To create a new user in your DropStream account:

  1. In the upper-right of the DropStream Dashboard, click your Account Name > Account Settings.

DropStream Dashboard, Account Name, Account Settings.

  1. Click Staff Accounts.

Click Staff Accounts.

  1. Click Invite user.

Click Invite user.

  1. Specify Username, Email, and Role.
  • Administrator — Full access to view and modify all DropStream account data, including account settings.
  • Staff — No access to account settings. If one or more merchants are optionally specified, the Staff account can access data only for those merchants and their associated sales channels (Stores). Staff accounts cannot delete their associated merchant(s).
  • Merchant — Can access data for only one specified merchant and its associated sales channels.

Select Administrator, Staff, or Merchant role.

  1. In the Select a merchant field:
  • For a Staff account, select one or more merchants to restrict the account to those merchants and their connected sales channels, or leave blank for access to all merchants.
  • For a Merchant account, select the merchant to restrict the account to that merchant and its connected sales channels.

Select a merchant in the merchant field.

  1. Click Send invitation.

Click Send invitation.

  1. An email is sent to new user with the instructions to log in.

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