Walmart DSV - Gather API Credentials

The Walmart Drop Ship Vendor and Walmart Marketplace APIs are two separate APIs requiring different API credentials. If you need to utilize the Walmart Marketplace connection, please see the suite of Support articles here: Walmart Marketplace.

In order to enable API Access for the Walmart Drop Ship Vendor API, you need to gather the following credentials:

1. Consumer ID
2. Private Key
3. Vendor ID

To gather those credentials, you must have been previously approved to be a Walmart Drop Ship Vendor and created a Walmart DSV account. When you sign up, you will be assigned your Vendor ID.

If you already have generated your API keys (Consumer ID and Private Key), find them. If you are unable to find the keys or have not created them yet,  

  1. Log in to Walmart Developer Center using your Walmart Supplier Center user name and password. 

    Walmart Developer Portal login

  2. You will be directed to a page where you can generate your API Keys (Consumer ID and Private Key). Click on the Generate Key buttons next to the Consumer ID  and Private Key fields.

    Walmart - Generate API keys

  3. Copy and save those keys in a secure location where you can access them later.
  4. If you are unable to access previously generated keys, regenerate the Private Key by clicking on the Regenerate Key button. This will deactivate your previous Private Key. Your Consumer ID will remain unchanged and be displayed as above.

After gathering your credentials, you will need to share them with DropStream to grant DropStream API access

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