Upload Carrier Codes

As part of your DropStream account setup, you need to upload a list of the carrier codes ("shipment codes") that are used by your warehouse. This is needed because different warehouses use different codes to denote postal service providers, and DropStream needs to know which codes your warehouse uses.

For some WMS systems, we can load the carrier codes automatically for you, for other warehouses we cannot because the codes are not known ahead of time.

You can add and edit your carrier codes at anytime. To do that:

  1. On the DropStream Dashboard, go to your Account Name > Account settings.

    DropStream - Account settings

  2. Click on Warehouse Management System.

    DropStream - Warehouse Management System

  3. Click Carrier Codes

    DropStream - Carrier code

  4. Your current carrier codes will be shown, described by three fields: 
    Carrier - the name of a postal carrier.
    Code - the carrier code taken from your WMS.
    Description - the description of the carrier code that explains what the code means.
  5. To edit or delete an existing carrier code, click Action next to the description of the code, and then select either Configure or Delete, respectively.

    DropStream - Edit a carrier code

  6. To add new carrier codes one at a time, click Add carrier code

    DropStream - Add a carrier code

  7. Then enter the values for carrier name, carrier code and code description, and click Save Changes.

    DropStream - Define a new carrier code

  8. To add carrier codes in bulk,  many carrier codes at a time, create a .csv file with the fields (Carrier, Code, Description) then click Import carrier codes to upload the file.

    DropStream- Upload carrier codes

  9. Note the option to replace everything with the new file, or keep what is there and add the new file as well.

    DropStream- Carrier code bulk upload
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