DropStream Sales Channel File Exchange Integration: Flat File Specification

DropStream Sales Channel File Exchange

DropStream's Sales Channel File Exchange can be used to send CSV-formatted orders to your warehouse.

How do I use DropStream SCFE?

To use the DropStream Sales Channel File Exchange, contact DropStream Support at support@getdropstream.com, and request more information about a DSCFE connection.

The following Flat File Specification describes how to format a CSV file tor setting up a DropStream SCFE connection.

Flat File Specification

DropStream SCFE files are formatted as variable-length, comma-delimited text.

There are three types of DropStream SCFE file:

  • Order Files contain Pick Header (PH) and Pick Detail (PD) records.
  • Shipment Files contain records about confirmed shipments.
  • Inventory Files contain records comprising a snapshot of current inventory levels.

Order File format

Pick Header and Pick Detail records for a single order are grouped together in a single file, with Pick Header first, followed by its associated Pick Detail record(s).

The following is a picking order sample (PH and PD records). Each record occupies a single line in the file.

"PH","2016981433","12345678","JOAN HARRY","5050 Road N","","Waterloo","ON","N1N 1N1","CA","","555-666-7777","JOAN HARRY","5050 Road N","","Waterloo","ON","N1N 1N1","CA","Ground","P","","2020-03-07T00:00:00Z","AMZ",""

Pick Header ("PH") record

The Pick Header (PH) record contains the following values, in this order:

Field Name Required (Y/N) Notes/Value(s)
Record Type Y "PH"
ClientOrderNumber Y The number that is unique to this order as assigned by the source sales channel
Customer PO Number N The purchase order number used by the customer when the goods were ordered
Ship to Name Y  
Ship to Address1 Y  
Ship to Address2 N  
Ship to City Y  
Ship to Province/State Y Provide standard US Postal Service and international codes
Ship to Postal/Zip Code Y  
Ship to Country Y ISO Alpha-2
Ship to Attention N  
Bill to Name N  
Bill to Address1 N  
Bill to Address2 N  
Bill to City N  
Bill to Province/State N Provide standard US Postal Service and international codes
Bill to Postal/Zip Code N  
Bill to Country N ISO Alpha-2
Bill to Attention N  
Ship Method Y Ship Methods Code - Carrier & Service Level
Ship Payment Type N Collect/Consignee = "C"
Bill Recipient = "R"
Third Party = "T"
Prepaid = "P" (the default value if blank)
Ship Pay Account Number N  
Order Date N Format: "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ"

Example: "2020-03-07T00:00:00Z"
Order Source N Order source used to identify different marketing channels
Gift Message N Gift message to be printed on packing slip

Pick Detail ("PD") record

The Pick Detail (PD) record has the following format:

Field Name Required (Y/N) Notes/Value(s)
Record Type Y "PD"
Client Order Number Y  
Order Line Sequence Number N When using sequence numbers EVERY line must be sequenced
Product Code Y This code is typically different from the UPC and represents an internal code for the item. NOTE: Product SKUs may not contain a ~ (tilde) character.
Quantity Ordered Y  
Unit Price N Format: "1234567.89"

Example: "123.45"

See the attached CSV Sample Order File for an example of PH and PD records.

Shipment File format

Shipment confirmation files are sent to the FTP as a notification of orders and items that have shipped.

Field Name Required (Y/N) Notes/Value(s)
ClientOrderNumber Y Order number from Pick Header
DateTimeShipped N UTC Time. Format: "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ"

Example: "2020-03-07T00:00:00Z"
ProductCode Y Product SKU
QuantityShipped Y Quantity shipped for this tracking number
TrackingNumber Y Tracking number assigned for the ship method
ShipMethod Y Carrier and Ship Method.
For example: "UPS - Ground"

See the attached CSV Sample Shipment File for an example.

Inventory File format

The inventory snapshot file is sent to the FTP as a notification of inventory levels at the point in time the file was generated.

Field Name Required (Y/N) Notes/Value(s)
ProductCode Y  
QtyAvailable Y  

See the attached CSV Sample Inventory File for an example.

Sample Files


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