Order Statuses in DropStream

Individual sales orders in DropStream may have any of the following statuses:

Sales Order statuses in DropStream

  • New — The order has been imported from the sales channel, but has not yet been processed.
  • Queued — The order has been imported from the sales channel, and is queued for processing.
  • Archived — The order has been archived. No further processing will occur unless it is reset.
  • Canceled — Order flow failures exceeded the retry limit. Flow not resume unless the order is reset or reprocessed. Further details may be available in the associated task logs.
  • Routed — The order was split to be fulfilled in multiple shipments.
  • Bundled — The order was bundled by a rule as configured in the DropStream store.
  • Skipped — The order was excluded by a rule as configured in the DropStream store, i.e. with the reject order directive.
  • Open — The warehouse acknowledged receipt of the sales order from DropStream.
  • Partially Shipped — The warehouse notified DropStream that part of the order shipped, but some items have not yet shipped.
  • Shipped — The warehouse has notified DropStream that the order shipped.
  • Delayed — A processing task associated with this order resulted in a failure, but is scheduled to be tried again. If the retry limit is exceeded, the state transitions to Error.
  • Error — Order flow was halted by an error. For example, an imported order with no data in a  required field will be halted in an Error state. For the specific cause, more information may be fouund by viewing the order page in DropStream, or by reviewing the associated task logs.
  • Abandoned — More than 45 days (internal default) have elapsed since the warehouse acknowledged receipt of the order, but it never shipped. Further processing is halted unless the order is reset.
  • Closed — Completion acknowledgement successfully sent to the sales channel.
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