Incident Alerts

Sometimes it happens that everything in the order fulfillment pipeline does not go quite as it should. Rather than keep a constant watch, you can configure DropStream to alert you if certain conditions are violated. For example, you can request email notifications if there is an error processing an order. You will be sent a notification when an incident opens and closes.

To add a new incident alert,

Before you can create Incident Alerts, you need to configure at least one Notification Channel. If you have not done so already, add a Notification Channel first.

Follow these steps to add a new DropStream Incident Alert.

  1. Click Your Account Name in the upper-right corner of the Dashboard, and select Account settings.

    DropStream - Account settings

  2.  Select the Alert Settings tab, click the Alert Policies button, and then click +Add Alert Policy

    DropStream - Notification channel

  3. Give your alert a name.

  4. Under Incident Preference, specify how the incidents should be created when conditions in this alert policy are violated:

    • Per Policy - All violations within this policy would be grouped into a single incident with only one open incident at a time per alert policy.

    • Per condition - All violations within a condition in this policy would be grouped into a single incident with only one incident at a time per alert condition.

    • Per condition and target - An incident will open every time a target violates a condition in this policy.

  5. Click the Notification Channels drop-down box, and choose one or more existing Notification Channels that you have previously created. Then, click Add alert policy.

  6. The new Alert Policy is created. Each Alert Policy can contain one or more conditions. Click +Add Condition.

    DropStream - Add an alert condition

  7. Name your condition.

    DropStream - Alert condition settings

  8. Under Select Services, specify the services that trigger this condition. You can specify All services, or choose Some, then select them by group or individually:

    • Sales Order failures

      • Import Failed

      • Export Failed

      • Order Failed

    • Shipment errors

      1. Store Error

      2. Warehouse Error

      3. Shipment Process Error

      4. Shipment Error

    • Inventory errors

      • Inventory Import Error

      • Inventory Export Error

      • Store Inventory Error

  9. Under Select Condition, click the +Add rule button. A dropdown will be displayed with values Account, Merchant, Store and Warehouse:

    DropStream - Add a rule
  10. Use those values to specify which account, merchant, store or warehouse your alert applies to, e.g.
    DropStream - Add a condition
  11. If you would like to add more accounts, merchants, stores or warehouses to the conditions, click +Add rule again and repeat the previous step. You can also make the rules more complex by using boolean connectives (AND, OR, NOT).
  12. When you are finished, click Add condition.
  13. If you would like to add more conditions to this alert, click +Add Condition again and repeat the steps outlined above.
  14. When you are finished, slide the ON/OFF switch to enable the rule:

    DropStream - Enable an alert
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