Edit an Order

In some circumstances it might be necessary to edit certain fields of an order processed by DropStream. For example, if there are issues with processing shipping or billing information with the warehouse management system, some changes might need to be made in DropStream, e.g. if a person's last name is too long or a part of the shipping address is missing.

To edit an order:

  1. From the DropStream Dashboard, click Orders.

    DropStream - Orders

  2. Click on the order number (External Id) of the desired Order.

    DropStream - Open an order

  3. This will open the order. Click Edit.

    DropStream - Edit an order.png

  4. Make your edits. Then click Save changes.

    DropStream - Save edits

Note: When an order that was edited in DropStream is sent back to the store for closing after the order was shipped from the warehouse, the store may reject the order because it does not match their existing data. For that reason it may be preferable to delete the order in DropStream and edit it in the shopping cart of the eCommerce store instead. That will re-import the order to DropStream in the edited form without causing undesirable side-effects.

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