Edit an Order

In some circumstances it might be necessary to manually edit data in an order. For example, required shipping data may be missing, causing the order processing to fail.

If so, you can edit the order, then reprocess it.

Edit an order

  1. In your DropStream Dashboard, click Orders.

In DropStream Dashboard, click Orders.

  1. Click the External Id (Order number) of the Order you'd like to edit.

Click the External ID (order number).

Note: To locate a specific order, you can search for it by External ID, Fulfillment Status, and other identifying information.

Search for Orders in DropStream.

  1. In the Order view, in Sales Order Details, click Edit.

In Sales Order Details, click Edit.

  1. Edit any fields as necessary, then click Save changes.

DropStream - Save edits

Note: After you edit an order in DropStream and reprocess, and the warehouse ships the order, an error may occur when the WMS notifies the eCommerce platform that the order is closed, because the order's data does not match the original data sent from the platform.

If so, it may be preferable to delete the order in DropStream, and make the edits in the eCommerce platform instead. After you do, DropStream will re-import the order with the edited data.

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