DropStream Warehouse File Exchange Integration: Flat File Specification

Flat File Specification

File format is CSV (comma-separated values).

Fields are formatted as variable-length delimited text. Fields will use a comma (,) delimiter as shown in the following example.

Pick Header and Pick Detail records are grouped together in a download file (Pick Header first, followed by its associated Pick Detail records).

The following is a picking order sample (PH and PD records). Each record occupies a single line, as shown in the example below.

"PH","2016981433","12345678","JOAN HARRY","5050 Road N","","Waterloo","ON","N1N 1N1","CA","","555-666-7777","JOAN HARRY","5050 Road N","","Waterloo","ON","N1N 1N1","CA","Ground","P","","2016-03-07T00:00:00Z","AMZ",""

Pick Header ("PH") Record

A Pick Header (PH) record precedes one or more PD records.

The Pick Header record has the following format:

Field Name Required (Y/N) Notes/Value(s)
Record Type Y "PH"
ClientOrderNumber Y An identification number unique to this order, as assigned by the source sales channel
Customer PO Number N The purchase order number used by the customer when the goods were ordered
Customer Email N  
Ship to Name Y  
Ship to Address1 Y  
Ship to Address2 N  
Ship to City Y  
Ship to Province/State Y Provide standard US Postal Service and international codes
Ship to Postal/Zip Code Y  
Ship to Country Y ISO Alpha-2
Ship to Attention N  
Ship to Telephone Number N  
Bill to Name N  
Bill to Address1 N  
Bill to Address2 N  
Bill to City N  
Bill to Province/State N Provide standard US Postal Service and
international codes
Bill to Postal/Zip Code N  
Bill to Country N ISO Alpha-2
Ship Method Y Ship Methods Code - Carrier & Service Level
Ship Payment Type N Collect/Consignee = "C"
Bill Recipient = "R"
Third Party = "T"
Prepaid = "P" (the default if left blank)
Ship Pay Account Number N  
Order Date N Format: "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ"

For example: "2021-01-20T17:00:00Z"
Order Source N Order source used to identify different marketing channels
Gift Message N Gift message to be printed on packing slip
Order Notes N  

Pick Detail ("PD") Record

The Pick Detail (PD) record has the following format:

Field Name Required (Y/N) Notes/Value(s)
Record Type Y "PD"
Client Order Number Y  
Order Line Sequence Number N When using sequence numbers
EVERY line must be sequenced
Product Code Y This code is typically different from the UPC and represents an internal code for
the item.

Note: Product SKUs may not contain a tilde (~) symbol.
Quantity Ordered Y  
Unit Price N Format: 1234567.89

See the attached Sample Order File CSV for an example of PH and PD records.

Shipment Confirmation File

The shipment confirmation files are sent from the warehouse to the customer as a notification of orders and items that have shipped.

Field Name Required (Y/N) Notes/Value(s)
ClientOrderNumber Y Order number from Pick Header
DateTimeShipped N UTC Time. Format: "YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ"
For example: "2021-01-20T17:00:00Z"
ProductCode Y Product SKU
QuantityShipped Y Quantity shipped for this tracking number
TrackingNumber Y Tracking number assigned for the ship method
ShipMethod Y Carrier and Ship Method. Format ex:
"UPS - Ground"

See the attached Sample Shipment File CSV for an example Shipment Confirmation file.

Inventory Snapshot File

The Inventory Snapshot file is sent from the warehouse as a notification of inventory levels at the point in time the file was generated.

Field Name Required (Y/N) Notes/Value(s)
ProductCode Y  
QuantityAvailable Y  

See the attached Sample Inventory File CSV for an example Inventory Snapshot file.


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