About Account Settings

You can use Account Settings to configure, update, or cancel your DropStream account. These administrative functions are organized in the following sections:

  • Alert Settings
  • Profile
  • Staff accounts
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Plan and Billing
  • Cancel

To navigate to Account Settings, click your Account Name in the top right of the screen, and then select Account Settings

DropStream - Account settings

Alert Settings

The Alert Settings screen can be used to configure notification channels and alert policies to alert you in case DropStream encounters errors when processing your orders, shipments or inventory.

DropStream - Alert settings


The Profile screen can be used to change the display name of your DropStream account.

DropStream - Profile

Staff Accounts

The Staff accounts screen is used to add and delete users and to configure user roles and permissions.


Three different user roles are available:  

  • Administrator - Full access to DropStream, including all capabilities described in the DropStream articles.

  • Staff User - An internal staff member, typically an account manager for your Merchant customers. This user has full access to DropStream, except for the Account Settings, so the user is not able to view credit card information and other billing information. A Staff user also does not have the permission to delete Connections.

  • Merchant - An external staff member, typically an employee of your merchant customer, that will log into DropStream to review order details that are specific to their merchant account and associated sales channels (Stores). The Merchant users will only see the their Stores in your account but no other Stores or Connections.

To create a new user:

  1. From Staff accounts, click Invite user.
  2. Specify the user's first and last name, email, role, and merchant, if necessary.
  3. Click Send Invitation.

An email will be sent to new user with the instructions to login.

DropStream - Staff accounts

Note: It is possible to associate a staff account to a specific merchant, if you would like to assign individual administrators on a per merchant account basis.  However, this is only optional.  Furthermore, it is possible to create a merchant user that must be associated to a specific merchant account.  The merchant user can only view orders specific to this associated account.

Warehouse Management System

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) screen displays your default warehouse platform.  The WMS integration is hard-coded during your initial setup and you will not be able to update it yourself. To update, contact the DropStream Support Team for assistance and more information. 

DropStream - WMS

The Warehouse Management System screen can also be used to upload carrier codes.

DropStream - Carrier codes

Carrier codes are used by warehouses to designate shipping companies. To automate order fulfillment, DropStream needs to know which codes your warehouse uses. Uploading carrier codes is described in detail in another article.

Plan and Billing

On this screen you will be able to update your DropStream subscription plan, credit card details, billing address and contact information.

DropStream - Billing

See Modifying Billing Information for details, and note that the available payment options may depend on your payment type.


The Cancel screen can be used to cancel and delete your DropStream account. This will close your DropStream account, cancel your subscription and permanently delete all your data.

DropStream - Cancel

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