Search for Orders

To find orders to view or perform actions on them, you can search for them.

Using the Search/Filter tool, you can search for orders by text or order number, and filter the results by fulfillment status, date, and more.

Order searches can then be exported as a CSV for your records.

Search for Orders

  1. In your DropStream Dashboard, click Orders.

In DropStream Dashboard, click Orders.

  1. In the Search/Filter Orders bar, enter a search term (such as a complete order number, or a partial customer name). The term can include spaces.

In the Orders view, in the Search/Filter bar, type a search term.

  1. Press Tab or Enter to finish typing the search term. It is shown as a gray block with a small X.

Example search term

  • To edit the term, double-click it.
  • To remove the term, click the X.
  • To add another term, continue typing in the search field, and press Tab or Enter when done.

The search term appears as a gray bar with a small X.

  1. To run the search, click the search icon ​ (magnifying glass).

Click the search icon (magnifying glass πŸ”) to run the search.

The search results are displayed.

Order search results.

Combine multiple search terms

If you want to refine the search, you can type additional terms in the Search/Filter bar, pressing Tab or Enter after each term. Click the search icon ​ to update the search results.

Enter multiple search terms by pressing Tab or Enter after each term. Then, click the search icon.

Apply search filters

You can further refine a search using the filters in the four drop-down menus under the Search/Filter field:

  • Ordered At - Specify a range of dates when the desired order(s) were placed.

Filter orders by date.

  • Store - Specify the eCommerce Store where the orders were placed.

Filter orders by Store.

  • Fulfillment Status - Find orders with a specific status, e.g., New, Open, Shipped, or Error.

Filter orders by status.

  • Merchant - Find orders designated for fulfillment by a specific Merchant/Warehouse.

Filter orders by merchant.

For example, you can choose "Error" in the Fulfillment Status menu to display only those orders that match your search terms, that also failed with an error status.

Example of adding filter to search terms.

The filter appears next to your search terms in the Search/Filter bar. You can add multiple filters.

Example filter in Search/Filter bar.

Click the search icon ​ to apply the filter(s).

Click the search icon to update the results.

The results are updated accordingly.

Results are updated according to the filter.

Using search results

In the search results, you can click an External ID (order number) to view the details for that order.

Click an External ID in the search results to view order details.

Or, select one or more orders by checking the box ​ next to their External ID. Then, click an action button to Reprocess, Archive, Reset, or Delete the selected orders.

Select one or more orders by clicking the check box next to External ID. Then, click an Action button to perform that action.

Order Actions

  • Reprocess - Retry the most recent process step for an imported Order. For example, if an order fails because of invalid or missing data, you can manually edit the data, then reprocess the order to retry and continue processing.
  • Archive - Disable future processing of an order, while retaining all order data. Archived orders receive no further processing. (An archived order cannot be restored; to reprocess an archived order, it must be deleted, so that it may be reimported from the eCommerce store.)
  • Reset - Revert all processing performed on an order, returning it to the state when it was first imported. Any modifications made to the order in DropStream (either by automated rules, or by manual edits) are reverted and lost. When you reset an order, its processing in DropStream begins again, as if the order had just been imported.
  • Delete - Delete all data for an order from DropStream. The order data is not modified in the eCommerce store. After an order is deleted in DropStream, it cannot be undeleted. However, if the order still exists in your eCommerce store, and is eligible for import, it will be automatically imported again to DropStream.

Take care when performing an order action, especially a reset or delete. The action is performed immediately, and there is no undo.

Export results to CSV

To save your search results as a spreadsheet, click Export to CSV at the bottom of any search results page.

Export to CSV button.

The CSV file is exported and downloaded to your browser. The file can then be imported to a spreadsheet editor such as Excel or Google Docs.

Reset the search

To clear all search terms and reset the search results, click the ​ to the right of the search icon.

Reset search button.

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