Order Attribute Format Transformer Rule

The Order Attribute Format Transformer rule allows you to append prefixes and suffixes to order attributes. For example, you can create a rule to add "INV-" to the beginning of every Order ID.

The parameters of this rule are:

  • Attribute Name - A select list of attributes of an order which can be used to filter, e.g. Shipping Country
  • Prefix - The value prepended to the beginning of the original attribute value, e.g. INV-
  • Suffix - The value appended to end of the original attribute value, e.g. 000

To add a new Order Attribute Format Transformer rule:

  1. Open the desired store.
  2. Click the Rules tab.

DropStream - Rules

  1. Click Add a Rule.

DropStream - Add a rule

  1. Name your rule and click +Add action.
  2. Select Add prefix/suffix to order attribute from the dropdown menu.

DropStream - Add an affix

  1. Enter the value you want assigned as the prefix and/or suffix and select the order attribute to assign the value to. If you want to add only a prefix or or only a suffix, leave the other field blank.

DropStream - Specify an affix

  1. Click Save changes.

For rules that transform the values of order attributes, see Order Attribute Transformer Rule.

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