Order Item Attribute Filter Rule

The Order Item Attribute Filter rule can be used to filter out order items with certain characteristics from an order. For example, if an order item's SKU is ABC123, remove that item from the order.

The parameters of this rule are:

  • Attribute - A list of attributes of an order which can be used to filter, e.g. product SKU, product name.
  • Comparison type - Determines how the value that you specify should be compared to the actual value of the attribute, e.g. "Starts with".
  • Value - The value of an order attribute, e.g. ABC123

To add a new Order Item Attribute Filter rule:

  1. Open the desired store.
  2. Click the Rules tab.

DropStream - Rules

  1. Click +Add rule.

DropStream - Add a rule

  1. Give the rule a descriptive name, then click +Add action.

DropStream - Add an action

  1. Select Filter order items from the Rule Category option list.

DropStream - Filter order items

  1. Click Editin the top left corner of the For Every Order Item box.

DropStream - Edit the rule

  1. Select Compare Order Item attribute from the drop-down menu next to IF.


  1. Specify an attribute and a value.


  1. Click Save changes.

To change the method of comparison, see Attribute comparison in order rules.

To filter orders by attributes of order items, see Quantifiers in Order Rules.

To filter orders by attributes of orders, see Order Attribute Filter Rule.

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