Solid Commerce - Configuring SKUs

Stock keeping units (SKU) are merchant defined codes used to uniquely identify products in a warehouse. It is critical that the SKUs defined in Solid Commerce match exactly to the SKUs loaded into your warehouse management system. Options include:
  • Adding / Modifying SKU
  • Assigning Product to Warehouse

Adding / Modifying SKU

To Add / Modify SKUs:  
  1. Login to the SolidCommerce admin panel

  2. Click Products > Products Manager

  3. Click Add New Product or search to edit an existing product.


  4. On the Add/Modify Product​ screen enter a value in the SKU field

Assigning Product to Warehouse

A product must be assigned to a warehouse to enable inventory tracking. To assign a product to a warehouse:
  1. Select Product after Adding Modifying SKU from above

  2. Click the Save and Add To Warehouse button


  3. Select the desired Warehouse.

  4. Retain Warehouse Name

Note: Retain Warehouse Name for use in Enabling Inventory Tracking for Solid Commerce

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