Order Shipping Description Transformer Rule

The Order Shipping Description Transformer rule maps the shipping descriptions used at stores to those used at warehouses.

About the rule

Stores and warehouses use different labels and naming conventions to denote the shipping companies that transport products from warehouses to end-customers. In order to automate order fulfillment, a "translation" needs to be created between those terms, so that when an order arrives from a store to a warehouse, the warehouse will know how to ship the package.

Order Shipping Description Transformer rule creates such a mapping between the shipping descriptions used by an eCommerce platform to the shipping codes available at a warehouse. For example, orders that show "Free Shipping" can in this way be mapped to "USPS - Priority Mail" at your warehouse.

More specifically, an Order Shipping Description Transformer Rule applies a warehouse management system carrier code to an order based on the mapping configured with this rule.

Note: At least one Shipping Description Transformer rule must be created for each store, or order processing will fail. Every Shipping Description that will be received must be transformed before the order is sent to the warehouse.

Gather shipping methods

Before you can create the rule, you will need to gather the shipping descriptions that are used by your eCommerce system.

You can find the shipping descriptions in the shopping carts of your eCommerce store. The exact details differ from one eCommerce platform to another and are documented for different platforms in the DropStream Support Center.

You can also gather the shipping descriptions from orders as they come into DropStream. In the left pane of your DropStream dashboard, click Orders to view the order dashboard. In the Orders view, click on an order to view its details. Under Sales Order Details, you'll find the Shipping Description that needs to be mapped.


Create the rule

To add a new Order Shipping Description Transformer rule:

  1. Open the desired store.
  2. Click the Rules tab.

DropStream - Rules

  1. Click Add a Rule.

DropStream - Add a rule

  1. Give a name for the rule, then click the Add action button.
  2. Select the action Shipping Transformer.

DropStream - Shipping transformer rule

  1. Enter the shipping description that you wish to map exactly as it appears in DropStream.

DropStream - Enter a shipping description

  1. Click Edit next to THEN.

DropStream - Edit a rule

  1. Select the shipping method that this shipping description should be mapped to.

DropStream - Enter a shipping method

  1. Click OK and then click Save changes.

DropStream - Save changes

For more information about order transformer rules, see Order Attribute Transformer Rule.

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