Etsy - Configure SKUs

DropStream supports SKUs configured in the Etsy Listing Variations field.

Note: DropStream does not currently support the Etsy SKU field. In order to track SKUs, you must configure them as Listing Variations.

Note: Your Listing Variation SKUs must be identical to the SKUs listed with your fulfillment provider.

Create a Listing Variation SKU in Etsy

  1. In the Etsy product listing, under Inventory and Pricing - Variations, click Add Variations.


  1. In the Add a variation drop-down menu, scroll to the bottom and choose Create a New Variation.


  1. Name the variation "SKU". Click Add.


  1. In the Name the option field, enter the SKU for this product. Ensure the SKU exactly matches the SKU listed with your fulfillment provider. Click Add.


  1. Click Save and Continue.


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