WooCommerce REST - Enable Shipment Tracking

The WooCommerce Shipment Tracking extension is required for DropStream to populate tracking numbers in WooCommerce orders.

Add the Shipment Tracking extension to WooCommerce

  1. In WooCommerce, click Extensions.
  2. Search for the Shipping Methods extension named Shipment Tracking.
  3. Purchase the required license.
  4. The extension is added to your WooCommerce plugins.

After the extension is installed, orders have a new Shipment Tracking tab in WooCommerce. For more information about the Shipment Tracking extension, visit the WooCommerce extension store.

Note: If the Shipment Tracking extension is not installed, you may encounter the following error when DropStream attempts to update orders in WooCommerce with tracking information:

Status: 404. No route was found matching the URL and request method.

If so, install the Shipment Tracking extension in WooCommerce, and Reprocess the errored shipment(s) in DropStream to resolve the error.

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