Currently Supported Warehouse Systems (WMSs, IMSs, & ERPs)

Currently Supported Warehouse Systems (WMSs, IMSs, & ERPs) DropStream currently supports multiple warehouse management systems, inventory management systems and ERPs. Below is a list of currently supported systems: 3PL Central AIMS360 Camelot Core Warehouse Custom WMS * Deposco INxSQL * Manhattan Associates * NetSuite OrderMotion... read article

Archiving Orders

Before deleting or archiving orders, it is important to understand the implication of doing so. Based on how your WMS has been setup, deletion of orders may not be the desired behavior and result in duplicated orders. To archive orders: From the DropStream Dashboard, click... read article

Resolving Errors

Occasionally orders will fail to complete the automated fulfillment process and this will cause an Error. You will get notified that an Order has an Error. Resolving errors includes the following steps: Reviewing the Error Information Fixing the Error Resetting Order Contacting Support Reviewing the... read article

Currently Supported Shopping Carts, Marketplaces and ERPs

Currently Supported Shopping Carts, Marketplaces and ERPs DropStream currently supports over 50 eCommerce systems, including shopping carts, marketplaces and ERPs. Below is the list of currently supported systems: 1 Shopping Cart 3DCart Adobe Business Catalyst Amazon ApparelMagic Big Commerce Brand Boom BrightPearl BrightStores Celery... read article

Integration Functionality Matrix

DropStream builds our integrations to support the maximum level of data transfer available. Each e-commerce system supports varying levels of order functionality, and DropStream will support whatever is possible. DropStream seeks to complete 3 Core Processes: Order Importing Shipping and Tracking Updating Inventory Syncing The... read article

Uploading Carrier Codes

You can add and edit your Carrier Codes at anytime in DropStream in the Account Settings. To add or edit your Carrier Codes: From the DropStream dashboard click your Account Name in the upper right, then click Account Settings Click Warehouse Management System Click Carrier... read article

About Inventory

DropStream supports inventory updates from the fulfillment provider to the sales platform. Inventory updates are a one way path: Fulfillment Provider >> DropStream >> Sales Platform DropStream is agnostic to inventory quantities in the sale platform; it is only aware of inventory updates received from... read article