Creating a Store Integration

This article walks you through the steps of setting up an Integration. Steps include: Adding a Merchant Adding a Store for a Merchant Configuring the Store Integration Creating Order Rules Enabling the Store Integration Testing the Store Integration Adding a Merchant Begin by Adding a... read article

About Account Settings

Utilize Account Settings to configure the administrative options for DropStream. Account Settings contains the following sections: Account Staff Accounts Warehouse Management System Plan and Billing Cancel To navigate to your Account Settings, click the Account Name in the top right of the screen and then... read article

About Orders in DropStream

Setting a Store Integration to Enabled will begin the process of automatically sending orders from the e-commerce cart to your warehouse management system. During the automated fulfillment process, orders will be shown with status and updated as the fulfillment process advances. There are multiple ways... read article

About Order Rules

DropStream features a robust custom rules engine that allows you to tailor your integration to your unique workflows. Customize your integrations by creating rules that alter or translate values exported from the e-commerce system and allow those values to correspond to existing processes within your... read article

Available Payment Options

DropStream accepts different payment methods depending on payment type: Monthly Subscription Payments Annual Subscription Payments One-time Custom Build Payments Monthly Subscription Payments For monthly subscription payments we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express through our online payment system. Annual Subscription Payments For annual subscription payments... read article

Modifying Billing Information

To modify your billing information: 1. From the DropStream Dashboard, click your Account Name in the upper right and select Account Settings 2. Click the Plan & Billing tab 3. Click Update payment method 4. Enter billing details 5. Click the blue Save Changes button... read article

Deleting a Store

Deleting a Store cannot be undone, and will also delete any rules related to that Store. To Delete a Store: From the DropStream Dashboard, click Stores Click on the Store you would like to Delete Click Actions > Delete read article

Searching for Orders

It is possible to search DropStream for a specific order number. It should be noted that this is a rough search and partial strings may not return the expected results. ​To search for a specific order: From the Dashboard, enter the search query into the... read article

Including Only A Specific SKU In An Order

In some instances, you may want only include one specific SKU in an order. To only include one specific SKU in an order, you will need to create an Order Item Attribute Filter Rule (with Negate Result) in DropStream. Creating Order Item Attribute Filter Rule... read article

Editing Orders

In some circumstances it might be necessary to edit specific fields of an order processed by DropStream. For example, if there are issues processing shipping or billing information with the warehouse management system, some changes might need to be entered into DropStream (Example: if a... read article