ClickFunnels - Creating a Webhook

To allow access to your ClickFunnels Webhook, : 1. Go to the "Settings" tab inside of the funnel, as shown here: 2. Scroll down to the middle of the Settings page, until you find the webhooks area and click on "Manage Your Funnel Webhooks": 3.... read article

ClickFunnels - Allowing DropStream Webhook Access

To allow DropStream access to your ClickFunnels webhook, the following information is needed: - the FULL webhook URL To create a ClickFunnel webhook, follow the steps in this article. Entering Webhook Credentials in DropStream when adding your ClickFunnels store To add the store and enter... read article

ClickFunnels - Sending Orders to DropStream

DropStream's integration to ClickFunnels allows for orders to be sent using your ClickFunnels webhook. To make a delivery attempt to DropStream follow these steps: 1. From the Funnel that is connected to DropStream, click Settings in the upper right 2. Click Manage Your Funnel Webhooks... read article

ClickFunnels - Finding Your Funnel URL

Step 1: Bring up the funnel you would like to share/find the URL for: Step 2: Once inside the settings area, you'll want to click on Share Funnel: Step 3: Next, simply copy the share URL. This will be the URL that you will enter... read article