Walmart DSV - Gathering API Credentials

The Walmart Drop Ship Vendor and Walmart Marketplace APIs are two separate APIs requiring different API credentials. If you need to utilize the Walmart Marketplace connection, please see the suite of Support articles here: Walmart Marketplace.

In order to enable API Access for the Walmart Drop Ship Vendor API, the following credentials must be gathered:

1. Consumer ID
2. Private Key
3. Vendor ID

Gathering API Credentials 

To access the API credentials page:

  1. Click on the gear icon in the top-right to open the General Settings menu.

    Screenshot of general settings menu

    ** Note: Admins should see this entire menu. If you don't see the API section, you may not have the correct Role Type. **

  2. In the API section, click on the Consumer IDs & Private Keys link. The API page will display on the Consumer IDs & Private Keys tab. From there, you will generate your credentials for the first time.
  3. In order to view your Private Key again, you will need to regenerate it by clicking on the Regenerate Key button, which will deactivate your previous Private Key. Your Consumer ID will remain unchanged.

Screenshot of credentials