ChannelAdvisor - Granting Access to an Account

To grant DropStream access to a ChannelAdvisor account, follow these steps:

1. Add the store in DropStream. To add a store, follow the steps listed in this article:

Adding a Store for a Merchant

Note: the test connection will fail until the authorization request from DropStream has been accepted.

2. In ChannelAdvisor, go to My Account tab, then under Developer Network, choose Account Authorizations

3. The Account ID will display on this screen. Make note of the Account ID. The Account ID will be entered in your DropStream store settings. 

4. To find the Profile ID, expand the Account List by clicking on the + to the left of the text "Account List".

5. Send the Profile ID and Account ID to DropStream support at A DropStream developer will then use these credentials to make an authorization request to this Account.

6. Next, return to your Developer Network screen and select the request and enable access.